Chairman's Message

In this age of development our country is trying to keep pace with what is developing around the world. Growth of institution in the private sector has been quite significant in this state of Uttar Pradesh. The day is not far when the self finance institutions will become centers of excellence in the fields relevant to the economical & technological growth of our country. We aspire to become a leading centre of excellence for education, management studies, research and training in technical and medical field.

Shri Radha Kishan Degree College, Jarua Katra, it is our endeavor to provide high quality education with the efforts of a committed staff, the support of parents and ability of our students, we plan to achieve a nationally recognized reputation for excellence not only academically but also through our extracurricular programmed activities.

I am sure the students of this institution will create new success story. I hope that more and more students would reap the benefits of these career oriented courses.

Mr. Chandraveer Singh

Director's Message

Dear Stdudents/ Guardians,

In our country, education has grown quantitatively, affecting the quality of the education. The responsibility to initiate corrective steps lies on us, who believe in overall personality development of the student.

We, the faculty of SHRI RADHA KISAN DEGREE COLLEGE(SRKDC) believe that the best way to survive change is to initiate it. And it is with this belief that we have regularly engaged over the years in a relentless endeavor to improve upon our past performance and to enhance our position.

In SRKDC, we have re-defined the mission to align it with the changing times, while maintaining focus on social responsiveness. In response to the rapidly changing economic environment and the process of globalization, the Institute has made sustained efforts to bring an international perspective to all its activities. Our institute has taken several steps in its pursuit of excellence. Our aim is to achieve national recognition as a leading player, particularly in the field of education.

To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. It is imperative to combine these three forces and preciously, at SRKDC we are doing the same. Education is just not a curriculum but the fundamental base of human development. Skills, knowledge and experience obtained through education define how students see the world. SRKDC develops their future career and ultimately what kind of life they can lead.

SRKDC is a highly motivated organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating individual development through professional development. We have a highly qualified, experienced and professional team of staff. Together, we constantly strive to create an inspirational environment that exceeds all expectations of students and their parents. We provide the framework and environment for you to make the education to realize your individual aspirations. We view it as our mission to help unlock the potential of students by providing inspiration, confidence and clear direction.

I appreciate the students for joining SRKDC, which is for sure meant to change their destiny.

Principal's Message

Dear Stdudents/ Guardians,

On behalf of Shri Radha Kishan Degree College, Jarua Katra Agra I welcome you to the College website. Shri Radha Kishan Degree College, Jarua Katra Agra is one the oldest institutions of Northern India, established on 2nd July 2008; it has the privilege of producing stalwarts in almost all disciplines and all walks of life. In its glorious 7 years the college has delivered to the society and to the world of knowledge many scholars who have reached the pinnacle in their profession and in the society.

In the modern world, education means much more than merely acquiring bookish knowledge, rather it is acquisition of all round knowledge and skills, building character and improving employability of our young talent who are the torch bearers of the future. The strong values and traditions of Shri Radha Kishan Degree College, Jarua Katra Agra enable our students to inherit a strong foundation to march ahead and contribute for a stronger and brighter India.The college has been wi-fi enabled, CCTV cameras and smart class rooms have been installed and laboratories have been upgraded with state of the art technology. Well equipped computer labs, the Central Instrumentation Laboratory, digitalized library are some of the high tech infrastructural facilities being provided. These create a conducive climate wherein students and faculty can collectively engage in the process of teaching, learning and personality development.

Empowerment of students for their all round development through education is Smt. Ramdulari College's cherished motto. In a world of unequal and unjust society, Shri Radha Kishan Degree College, Jarua Katra Agra prepares students as catalysts of social change in order to uplift the marginalized sections of society. It boasts of possessing a progressive and innovative outlook with traditional roots. Challenges and Opportunities are two sides of the same coin. Modern education, curriculum development and teaching methodologies have to keep pace with the demands of the modern society. We all have to ensure that there is no stone left unturned to equip the student of today to face the challenges of life. The faculty at the College and the non teaching staff have been providing unstinted support to fulfil this vision.

I feel privileged of being the Principal of such an illustrious institution dedicated to the economic, social and political upliftment of India. I wish you all the best for achieving greater success and scaling newer heights in your education and life ahead.

With Best Wishes.....